ACT Holding, inc

ACT Holding, Inc. is a remarkable organization with a clear purpose: to support and advance the programs of the Alliance. Founded on the belief that stability is crucial for both programs and clients, ACT Holding, Inc. plays a pivotal role in ensuring the long-term success of the Alliance’s initiatives.

At the core of ACT Holding, Inc.’s mission is the acquisition of real estate properties. By strategically investing in these assets, the organization aims to create a solid foundation for the Alliance’s diverse range of programs, which serve not only victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking but also houseless individuals, foster youth, families, youth, and those struggling with substance use.


Recognizing the importance of a safe and stable environment for all individuals, ACT Holding, Inc. takes pride in owning and managing multiple properties that cater to the unique needs of these various groups. These properties serve as more than just physical spaces; they provide a sanctuary, a place of solace and support for those who have experienced trauma or are facing challenging circumstances.

Through its strategic real estate investments, ACT Holding, Inc. ensures that the Alliance can continue to provide critical services to a wide spectrum of individuals in need. By offering secure and welcoming spaces, the organization fosters an environment where healing, growth, and empowerment can take place, creating a positive impact on the lives of all of those in our communities.

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